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Success Stories

I travel a great deal for my Company, and I always find a place to workout that's near my Hotel. What an amazing facility I found at Synergy! In all my years of traveling coast to coast, I have never seen such a beautiful, clean, well organized, well equipped Gym. I can't wait to come back to VT. Thanks to the fun staff at Synergy for making my visit such a memorable one.

Paul L.

I appreciate training with Kathy because she embodies in her cells and body what she is teaching.  I find that this makes it much easier for my body to understand what to do.  At times I feel I am receiving a direct transmission on a subtle level.  I appreciate this very much and feel it is a rare and valuable quality.

Her attitudes about exercise are also enlivening and supportive, and I appreciate the way she helps my attitudes adjust.

Finally, I am an older woman, and it is clear to me that my body is safe with Kathy’s tutelage.  I discovered Kathy because another older woman said the same thing to me about feeling safe with Kathy.  It’s wonderful to be getting stronger and feeling safe at the same time.

V. F.

Working with Kathy has been life changing. She is such an inspiring trainer to work with because she is so dedicated to fitness, training, and to the success and growth of all of her clients. I have been training with Kathy for over a year now and started working out with Kathy as a way to get in shape for my wedding. My now-husband and I worked out with Kathy together one day a week and I had my own solo session with her too. Our wedding was a few months ago and we are still training with Kathy because we have really grown to love our sessions with her. Kathy is always inventing new ways to challenge us in our training sessions and although our sessions can be really difficult, we always walk out of the gym feeling very accomplished. Kathy was also able to tailor our sessions around marathon training last Spring when we were getting ready to run the Vermont City Marathon. Kathy is such a talented trainer and I believe that all of her clients are so lucky to work with her. Thank you, Kathy, for everything!


Cynthia K

Pat Murray has not only helped me improve my physical health, understanding of the importance of good nutrition in addition to training, but has also helped me to stay focused on goals by developing good habits and keeping a positive state of mind. I have worked with several trainers in the past that were good at physical training. Working with Pat has by far been the best thing I have done for my body AND my mind. If you are serious about being in the best overall condition you can be, are willing to listen and follow a fun and positive path. Pat Murray will help you get there and beyond.

Roger W

I highly recommend Synergy Fitness to anyone that was like me in need of support and encouragement. Synergy gave me what I needed to get out of my chair and do what I needed to do. Dr. Landry said I needed to get my diabetes, blood pressure, and weight under control. I am now on the road to improvement by losing weight, improving my flexibility, and increasing my strength and endurance. My blood pressure, weight, and diabetes are under control. I know I need to keep up the work, but now I have the tools to work with. Synergy staff have given me strength and encouragement and most of all—the motivation to keep me on the right track. I look forward to my daily workouts at Synergy so that I can sustain my healthy lifestyle. Sincerely and with a big THANK YOU.

Mark W

My Personal Trainer is awesome! He’s really motivating and realistic about helping me set goals. It’s really interesting to learn exactly how much “excess fat” I have. I can’t keep using the excuse that “muscle weighs more than fat” anymore! There are so many fad diets, I wasn’t sure what I should be eating. Pat has my plate looking like 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 lean protein, and 1/4 whole grain. I’ve never felt better!

Jonathan P

I’ve been a member at Synergy Fitness since 2015. I had given up on my athletic self. I had sustained injuries over the years and after being sidelined for two years after a bad ankle break. I joined Synergy in the hopes of getting my life back again. Injuries caused my body to compensate, and in doing so I had been moving in ways that didn’t support my overall health. As a result of my strength training program at Synergy, I no longer fear reaching for something with that underlying fear that many of us experience, “Is my back going to go out this time?” My body mechanics have changed and I feel better moving in my daily life. The kind, genuine and professional Staff always motivate me to come back and keep up with all of the progress I’ve made.

Kathryn B