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After finishing my athletic career as a High School varsity soccer player, I had a dream of joining the UVM soccer team as a “walk on”. Unfortunately, during my sophomore year, I tore the labrum in my left shoulder and was unable to train properly for over 12 months. While I never played college level sports, I have developed a profound understanding of what it is like to transition in and out of being in shape and how to work around nagging injuries and pain.

Julian Ames

  • B.A in Psychology from UVM
  • CPR/AED Certified from AHA

Julian’s Philosophy

There is a wrong way, a right way, and, more importantly, “the right way for you”. Everyone’s body is different and so should everyone’s workout. There is no cookie cutter template for fitness because each of us are unique and different from everyone else. Learning about your goals, past injuries and identifying muscle imbalances and restrictions in range of motion is the first step in tailoring a customized program for your health and well-being.

I travel a great deal for my Company, and I always find a place to workout that's near my Hotel. What an amazing facility I found at Synergy! In all my years of traveling coast to coast, I have never seen such a beautiful, clean, well organized, well equipped Gym. I can't wait to come back to VT. Thanks to the fun staff at Synergy for making my visit such a memorable one.

Paul L.

I appreciate training with Kathy because she embodies in her cells and body what she is teaching.  I find that this makes it much easier for my body to understand what to do.  At times I feel I am receiving a direct transmission on a subtle level.  I appreciate this very much and feel it is a rare and valuable quality.

Her attitudes about exercise are also enlivening and supportive, and I appreciate the way she helps my attitudes adjust.

Finally, I am an older woman, and it is clear to me that my body is safe with Kathy’s tutelage.  I discovered Kathy because another older woman said the same thing to me about feeling safe with Kathy.  It’s wonderful to be getting stronger and feeling safe at the same time.

V. F.

Working with Kathy has been life changing. She is such an inspiring trainer to work with because she is so dedicated to fitness, training, and to the success and growth of all of her clients. I have been training with Kathy for over a year now and started working out with Kathy as a way to get in shape for my wedding. My now-husband and I worked out with Kathy together one day a week and I had my own solo session with her too. Our wedding was a few months ago and we are still training with Kathy because we have really grown to love our sessions with her. Kathy is always inventing new ways to challenge us in our training sessions and although our sessions can be really difficult, we always walk out of the gym feeling very accomplished. Kathy was also able to tailor our sessions around marathon training last Spring when we were getting ready to run the Vermont City Marathon. Kathy is such a talented trainer and I believe that all of her clients are so lucky to work with her. Thank you, Kathy, for everything!


Cynthia K

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