Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Synergy Fitness is offering a two part examination for golf specific analysis. This is for people who are interested in learning more about golf specific training and how the body directly relates to what is happening on the course. In addition to addressing issues on the course, you’ll be ready for the start of the new 2018 season. There is no need to wait until the start of the season to begin getting into your best Golf Performance shape.

Help your passion, fuel your workouts and work toward something you love and enjoy. The first part of this test is very beneficial to golf and really overall health in general. The 14 step screen goes through a variety of parts of the body and assesses mobility, stability, and range of motion. Knowing the limitations you have in your body and how that directly correlates to specific swing characteristics can help you better understand what is causing your swing to do specific things like “Slice” “Hook” Hosel Rocket” etc.. This will present you with the knowledge of your “Body-Swing Connection” and what you can do to help address these limitations and improve your swing.

The second part is a video swing analysis which will be done inside looking at the swing from two different vantage points. From the video and the physical assessment Lance will be able to better connect the “Body-Swing Connection” and actually show you what is happening during the swing. These characteristics are not something to think of as good and bad, but purely characteristics that have specific cause and effect to them. Some of the greatest golfers in the world have these characteristics. This is something that will absolutely help your golf game and give you a greater understanding of why specific things are happening if your game. Now is the time to work on these and check back in for more video analysis and physical screening throughout your progress.

Intro Offer Only $79.

Please call Lance Robinson at 802.349.8027 or connect through email – robinsonvt6@gmail.com